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If you are looking for authentic Italian cooking then please take a good look at our main menus below!

All food is produced freshly on our premises by real Italian Chefs who know how to cook in a classic or home-made style.  Taste pasta how it is supposed to be cooked or pizza that has that genuine traditional Mediterranean taste.

We can cater for any special requirements so please ask.

Antipasti – Starters

Minestrone Soup £4.20
Garlic Mushrooms (cooked in cream, garlic and lemon) £5.70
Funghi Gratinati (mushrooms stuffed with cheese, breadcrumbs, garlic, herbs and sundried tomatoes) £5.50
Breaded Garlic Mushrooms (served with garlic mayonnaise) £4.90
Pate Della Casa (homemade chicken liver pate) £4.90
Melon & Parma Ham £5.50
Panzerotti (Pancakes stuffed with cheese and spinach baked in the oven) ) £5.90
Chicken Livers (sautéed with onions, bacon and a touch of chilli) £5.60
Spare Ribs (cooked in our tasty sauce) £5.90
Spicy Chicken Wings £5.50
Grilled Goat’s Cheese (on a bed of rocket salad, caramelised onions and balsamic glaze £5.20
Fried Breaded Brie (served with Cranberry sauce) £5.40
Halloumi & Chorizo £5.90
Goats Cheese Chorizo & Parma Ham £6.70
Any Pasta served as a starter portion £5.90

Seafood – Starters

Prawn Cocktail (in a Marie Rose sauce) £5.70
New Zealand Mussels (in tomato, garlic and white wine sauce) £6.20
Calamari (deep fried squid rings served with tartare sauce) £6.50
King Prawns (cooked in garlic and wine sauce) £6.90
King Scallops & Black Pudding £6.90
Shellfish Trio (King prawns, king scallops & mussels cooked in wine & garlic butter sauce) £7.90

Garlic Bread & Bruschetta

Pizza Base With Garlic £3.20
Pizza Base With Tomato £3.50
Pizza Base With Cheese £4.20
Pizza Base With Tomato, Onions & Fresh Chillies £3.80
Bruschetta Al Pomodoro (toasted bread with fresh diced tomatoes seasoned with garlic, basil, salt and pepper) £4.20
Bruschetta Monte Cristo (toasted bread with Greek halloumi cheese, Greek lountza smoked ham, sliced tomato drizzled in olive oil) £4.90
Bruschetta Mediterraneo (toasted bread with seasonal diced fresh tomatoes and feta cheese) £4.60

Selection of Salads

Tomato & Onion Salad £2.90
Greek Salad (mixed salad with olives and feta cheese) £5.20
Caesar Salad with Chicken £6.70
Mixed Salad £3.90
Side Salad £2.90
Bowl of Olives £2.50
Onion Rings £2.90
Roast Potatoes £2.50
Chips £2.50

Pesce (Fish)

Monkfish & King Prawns (in a Thermidor sauce) £16.90
Pan Fried Seabass Fillet (with roasted cherry tomatoes, thyme and a drizzle of garlic) £13.90
Salmone Spinachi (grilled salmon fillet on a bed of creamed garlic spinach) £12.50
Lemon Sole (With shrimps in creamy pink sauce) £14.50
Hake Picante (with onions, chillies in tomato sauce) £13.50

Pasta & Risotti

Spaghetti Bolognese (served with a traditional Bolognese sauce) £7.50
Spaghetti Carbonara (with bacon, cream, parmesan and egg yolk) £7.50
Spaghetti Seafood (mixed seafood in a tomato sauce with a touch of cream) £9.50
Spaghetti Al Aglio (Cherry tomatoes, olive oil – add chilli if you like) £7.20
Penne Cavallero (short pasta tubes with beef fillet strips, onion, peppers in tomato sauce, chilli if you like) £9.20
Penne Pollo Pesto (short pasta tubes with chicken in a pesto sauce) £7.90
Penne Arrabiata (pasta with spicy salami, onions, garlic and chilli in tomato sauce) £7.50
Penne Polpette (with meatballs in tomato and basil sauce) £7.90
Penne al Salmone (short pasta tubes with smoked salmon and paprika in a cream and tomato sauce) £7.50
Tagliatelle Zucchini (egg and spinach pasta ribbons with prawns, courgettes in pink sauce) £8.90
Tagliatelle Mexicano (egg and spinach pasta ribbons with chorizo, chicken, mixed peppers, chilis in tomato sauce) £8.90
Tagliatelle Monte Cristo (egg and spinach pasta ribbons with king prawns, scallops, garlic and basil in a tomato sauce) £12.50
Risotto Pollo Porchini ( Rice cooked with chicken, porcini mushrooms in mascarpone creamy sauce) £8.90
Risotto Vegetarian (rice cooked with mushrooms, peas, broccoli and courgettes in a cream sauce) £7.50
Risotto al Pollo (rice cooked with chicken and mushroom in a cream sauce) £7.80
Risotto Seafood (rice cooked with mixed seafood in tomato sauce) £9.50
Lasagne al Forno (pasta layers baked with mincemeat, béchamel and tomato sauce) £7.50
Cannelloni Ripieni (pancakes filled with mincemeat, spinach, herbs and tomato baked in the oven) £7.50


Pizza Margherita (cheese and tomato) £6.90
Pizza Quatro Stagioni (cheese, tomato, ham, salami, olives and mushrooms) £7.50
Pizza Tropicale (cheese, tomato, pineapple and ham) £7.50
Pizza Calzone (folded pizza with cheese, tomato, ham, salami and mushroom) £8.50
Pizza al Greko (Cheese, tomato, halloumi cheese, olives and smoked ham) £8.50
Pizza Salome (Cheese, tomato, smoked salmon, onions and dolcelatte cheese) £8.20
Pizza Tonno (Cheese, tomato, tuna, sweetcorn and chillies) £7.50
Pizza Caprino (Cheese, tomato, goats cheese and caramelised onions) £7.50
Pizza Monte Cristo (A bit of everything (no seafood)) £8.90
Pizza Marinara (cheese, tomato and seafood) £9.50
Pizza Vegetarian (cheese, tomato, mushrooms, onions and mixed peppers) £7.20
Pizza Suprema (cheese, tomato, chicken and sweetcorn) £7.90
Pizza Mexicano (Chicken, chorizo, pepperoni, mixed peppers and chillies) £8.50
Pizza Meat Feast (chicken, salami, ham and mincemeat) £8.50

A la Carte – Carne

Filetto Monte Cristo (8oz) (fillet steak with mushrooms, shallots, garlic and brandy in a cream sauce) £19.90
Filetto al Pepe Verde (8oz) (black and green peppercorns with cream sauce) £19.90
Filetto Rossini (8oz) (on a crouton topped with pate in a rich creamy sauce) £19.90
Sirloin Sizzler (Plum or sweet chilli sauce) (strips of steak with mixed peppers, onions and mushrooms) £14.50
Sirloin Diana (10oz) (sirloin steak with onions, mushrooms, French mustard and cream sauce) £14.50
Sirloin Calabrese (10oz) (sirloin steak with peppers, onions, garlic and chilli in a tomato sauce) £14.50
Sirloin Dolcelatte (sirloin steak with mushrooms in a Dolcellate sauce) £14.50
Steak Surf Turf Sirloin – (chargrilled steak topped with 3 King Prawns and served with onion rings, mushrooms and grilled tomato) £18.90
Steak Surf Turf Fillet – (chargrilled steak topped with 3 King Prawns and served with onion rings, mushrooms and grilled tomato) £22.50
T-Bone Steak Alla Grilla (16oz) (served with onion rings, mushrooms and grilled tomato) £19.90
Mixed Grill Thrill (Lamb shops, fillet steak and chicken fillet) £15.90
Grilled Lamb Chops (served with creamy mash and garlic) £13.90
Lamb al Greko (Lamb off the bone with feta, olives, mixed veg) £14.20

Pollo (Chicken)

Pollo Monte Cristo (stuffed chicken breast with mushrooms and spinach in a cheese cream sauce) £12.50
Pollo Fantasia (breast of chicken with peppers and mushrooms in a creamy sauce) £11.50
Polla Picante (breast of chicken with onions, garlic, chilli in a tomato sauce) £11.50
Polla al Greko (breast of chicken with onions, feta cheese, garlic and oregano in a tomato sauce) £11.50
Polla Alla Crema (breast of chicken with onions, mushrooms and wine in a cream sauce) £11.50
Pollo Panchetta (stuffed with sundried tomatoes, asparagus, wrapped with pancetta with cheese sauce) £13.50
Polla Sizzler (Plum or sweet chilli sauce) (Strips of chicken with mixed peppers, onion and mushrooms) £11.90


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